2021 marks Lake Orion’s American Summer’s 6th year for celebrating, promoting and embracing everything our wonderful community has to offer! We hope you will join us again or for the first time! LOAS bridges the gap between the Lions Club Jubilee and the Lake Orion Fireworks Association’s annual show with events that highlight our community.

We are encouraging all businesses and organizations in the Lake Orion area to get involved, giving everyone a reason to eat, drink and shop in Lake Orion – the ultimate “staycation!” The dates for LOAS are June 24th – July 4th, 2021, with our popular Pub Crawl on July 1 (300+ attendees estimated) and Restaurant Week on June 28th – July 4th.

Please consider participating in both of these great events.

Registration fees are payable by check to: Lake Orion’s American Summer LLC – PO Box 590 – Lake Orion, MI 48361 (Credit card payments are also accepted below).

Lake Orion's American Summer Pub Crawl - July 1

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